In 2005 QRMC founded the Safety Networking Group for senior safety professionals working in the greater Brisbane metropolitan area. QRMC continues to coordinate and arrange for speakers to present at quarterly meetings and discuss information on contemporary WHS issues. Group members also share information from their workplaces or industries, which other members frequently find interesting and useful.

The May Safety Networking Group session was hosted by WHSQ, which allowed the Group access to a number of speakers from the regulator.

Brad Bick, the Director of Safety Policy, provided an update of Legislative and Policy changes, including details of the review of the Electrical Safety Regulation.

Paul Lunney, the Director Workers Compensation Policy, provided an update regarding the amendment to the definition of “worker” in the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act, and the implications of this.

Nita Maynard & Suzanne Johnson from WHSQ’s Ergonomics Unit presented and facilitated robust discussion on applying a ‘Due diligence approach in managing hazardous manual tasks’.

WHSQ’s Manager of the Joint state and Commonwealth Healthy Workers Initiative, Glenn Smith, delivered a presentation discussing details of the initiative, its aims, what is planned for the second half of 2013 and how funding can be accessed for organisations to promote a healthy workplace.

The meeting finished late following discussion and exploration of what some SNG member organisations have implemented to manage the WHS Regulation, Sec 48 ‘Remote and Isolated Work’ requirements.

The next SNG meeting is earmarked for late August.

More information on the Safety Networking Group can be found on our website. Senior safety professionals contemplating attending meetings in Brisbane can contact QRMC to express an interest.