Year: 2015

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Enterprise Risk Oversight

The concept of enterprise risk management (ERM) has been around for long enough to be largely accepted as a normal part of doing business. It is rare for large public and private sector organisations not to have a formal ERM program, and even small businesses will usually have applied some of the principles of ERM … Continued

Management of Psychosocial Risks

Psychosocial hazards such as bullying and harassment in the workplace represent a WHS risk as potentially damaging as any physical injury. However, many workplaces fail to develop and implement appropriate controls to manage this risk, thus failing to fulfil their duties under WHS legislation. A more robust approach, such as applying the hierarchy of controls … Continued

The Cost-Benefit Equation for Business Continuity

The pressures on businesses to minimise costs and try to maximise profits in an uncertain economic environment are considerable. With the worldwide impacts of the global financial crisis still fresh in our memories, and gloomy predictions ever-present about the economic stability of Europe, China and the USA, no CEO or Director wants to commit funds … Continued

Developing Wellbeing Programs

In recent years, the development and implementation of workplace wellness or wellbeing programs has emerged as a mechanism to address the longer-term worker health and welfare needs, beyond the more immediate and measurable workplace safety outcomes. Such programs can be costly and often struggle to achieve engagement with the workforce. However, if designed well, they … Continued

The new ISO 9001 Quality Standard and Risk

In the lead up to the release of the revised version of the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Standard, there was a great deal of discussion and conjecture about how the Standard’s requirements might change. Much of this discussion was around the planned introduction of risk-based thinking into quality management. Whilst the management of risk … Continued

Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces

Mental ill health in workers can have an enormous impact on the individual, their colleagues and customers, and the performance of the organisation, especially due to absenteeism and reduced worker productivity. In recent years, the effects of unchecked bullying and similar poor workplace practices on mental health have been brought to wider public attention, with … Continued