QRMC has delivered services to clients in the private and public sectors and over a wide range of industries since the business was founded in 1998.

Public Sector

QRMC has many years experience in delivering services to State, Local and Federal government departments as well as Statutory bodies and Government Owned Corporations (GOCs).

State Government

QRMC regularly delivers services to state government departments, in several states though primarily in Queensland. QRMC's consultants are experienced in working with all levels of government from Director-General down to point-of-risk personnel and are well versed in understanding the needs and priorities of state government entities.

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Local Government

QRMC has delivered services for Councils for many years and in several states. Our experience has ensured a good understanding of many of the laws and regulations applying to local government. In particular requirements in relations to ethics and behaviour, financial administration and accountability and contract management.

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Federal Government

QRMC is a provider of services to Federal government departments via a series of panels and standing offer arrangements.

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Statutory Bodies and GOCs

QRMC has worked with a range of statutory bodies and government owned corporations and is familiar with the corporate governance and due diligence standards under which such entities operate.

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Private Sector

QRMC works with all levels of private sector organisations, from international and nation-wide corporations to SMEs and small businesses. Almost all industries and sectors are represented in our completed projects list, however the industries most commonly worked with are represented here.


QRMC has provided WHS compliance audits, site inspections and specialised risk assessments to organisations in the health sector, as well as undertaking the review or development of enterprise risk management programs. QRMC is fully familiar with the safety and risk management issues facing organisations in the health sector, as well as the regulatory framework within which they operate.

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Transport & Logistics

QRMC has provided services to organisations in the transport and logistics sector including WHS compliance and management systems audits, ‘chain of responsibility’ reviews, contractor management process reviews, and site inspections and systems re-development work.

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Meat & Livestock

Organisations such as livestock saleyards typically have a limited number of dedicated staff, with much ‘point-of-risk’ work undertaken by people not working directly for the saleyard owner, including agents, buyers, sellers, cooperatives, transporters and other contracting parties. QRMC has provided services including site inspections and risk assessments as well as the development, review and auditing of safety management, risk and contractor management systems to manage the hazards and risks across the operations within the red meat industry.

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Utilities & Telecommunications

QRMC has provided a wide range of services to organisations in the utilities and telecommunications sector including WHS and electrical compliance audits; review of safety, risk and contractor management systems (including contractor compliance audits), site inspections and specialist risk assessments.

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QRMC's services to firms in the engineering sector have included the review and development of safety, quality and risk management systems, workplace inspections, health & safety in design workshops and reviews, and compliance audits.

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Construction & Infrastructure

Organisations working in construction and infrastructure sector have used QRMC's services in WHS and environmental compliance auditing, as well as the review and development of HSE and risk management systems. QRMC also provides health & safety in design workshops and reviews, project assurance reviews, and gateway reviews and audits of major infrastructure projects.

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Professional services

QRMC has assisted professional services organisations in the areas of WHS, risk, quality and business continuity, providing services including workplace inspections and compliance audits, risk assessments, and the development of safety, risk and business continuity management systems, incorporating business impact analyses and business continuity testing.

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SMEs and Small Business

QRMC provides SMEs and small businesses with assistance across the full range of our services. We are experienced in the provision of practical support to organisations that typically do not have dedicated internal resources in the areas of WHS, risk, quality or business continuity management.

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Not For Profit

QRMC Risk Management provides economically efficient services for not-for-profit organisations, assisting them to meet compliance and operational needs in the context of a limited budget. QRMC provides high quality service and advice to all clients, but for not-for-profit organisations we can employ strategies to minimise cost, such as training your staff to implement programs internally, providing mentoring services, and providing program frameworks along with guidelines for the internal completion of the detailed components of a program.

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