Why Choose QRMC

The Benefit of Experience


QRMC has operated successfully as a competitive consultancy firm since our foundation in 1998. The majority of projects undertaken by QRMC originate from word of mouth or return clients, due to the values with which we approach our work and the excellent rate of successful project delivery: on time and on budget.

We provide best practice services and advice, in a format that is easily understood and capable of systematic implementation. When working with organisations to develop and implement systems and programs, we are very mindful of the need to minimise organisational shock and loss of staff time, whilst maximising the effectiveness of the program and its outcomes. In a nutshell, we aim for low trauma, high value. Taking this approach, we achieve beneficial results in a practical manner, and maximise acceptance of change by all levels of staff within our clients’ organisations.

All of our services are tailored to the specific needs of our clients, ensuring a good organisational fit and maximum value. Engaging QRMC offers the following additional benefits:

  • Professional, highly experience consultants who have worked with a variety of clients and are able to adjust their approach depending on client needs;
  • An appreciation of and experience in overcoming many of the potential issues associated with developing, reviewing or auditing management systems;
  • Professional peer review and support in-house which ensures both quality control and continuity of service;
  • Services governed by an integrated management system incorporating Quality Management components, ensuring an excellent standard of deliverables is provided to clients;
  • A firm commitment to customer service, harmonious working relationships and value for money.

We adopt a collaborative,

results-focussed approach


QRMC works with its clients as a strategic partner to add value to the client’s business. The client organisation’s management team is directly involved in the approach taken to the project, and the development of project management strategies and goals. QRMC’s approach is to work very closely with the client’s staff in order to provide capacity building to the organisation.

Our Approach

Working with Standards

Working in line with the relevant Australian and International Standards and also with a reliable understanding of the overarching legislation, QRMC can assist your organisation to achieve compliance as well as continual improvement.

Safety Management Systems

QRMC Risk Management can assist your organisation to take a systematic approach to the management of safety to protect your workforce from harm and your business from legislative breaches.

QRMC develops Safety Management Systems (SMS) compliant with AS/ZNS 4801 and AS/ISO 45001,  as well as the harmonised Work Health and Safety legislation or other legislation relevant to your organisation.

Importantly, QRMC also ensures that each safety policy, procedure and form is tailored to your organisation’s operations. While ensuring that the legislative requirements for your relevant jurisdiction and industry are met by the SMS, QRMC will also focus on:

  • Involving your staff in order to develop commitment to the sms and ease the implementation process.
Designing the procedures and forms to reflect the operational needs of your business and the capacities and access requirements of the staff who will use the system.
  • Building in the capacity for easy ongoing review and continuous improvement.

QRMC will also undertake a gap analysis on an existing SMS and provide detailed recommendations for the improvement of the system to meet compliance requirements and best practice.

Quality Management

QRMC Risk Management can assist your organisation to develop or review a Quality Management System (QMS) compliant with ISO 9001 Quality Management. We can also review an existing QMS and provide recommendations for compliance, or prepare your organisation for third party certification audits by conducting “test audits” and providing detailed recommendations for the improvement of your QMS.

The development of a QMS is all too often a compliance-based exercise which results in a set of documentation poorly fitted to organisational needs, poorly implemented, and perhaps rarely used. This potential results in poor outcomes for your business and clients, and poor internal or external quality audit results.

QRMC focuses on ensuring that the QMS documentation fits the needs and operations of your organisation, and involving your staff in the development and approval of relevant areas of the documentation, so that the system can be more easily implemented and ultimately effective. We also provide assistance with the roll-out of the system and the training of staff in its use.

Environmental Management

QRMC Risk Management provides organisations with training, monitoring and advice on the development of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) compliant with legislative requirements.

We develop EMSs in accordance with ISO 14001 Environmental management systems and undertake gap analyses of existing systems. We can also conduct environmental audits and assessments. Our approach focuses on working with your staff to ensure a thorough understanding and ownership of these systems. As with all our management systems, QRMC focuses on usability and ensuring a good operational fit with organisational requirements.

Services Include:

  • Development or audit of environmental management systems in accordance with ISO 14001
  • Training in interpretation of the environmental standards
  • Assessment of specific environmental exposures
  • Assessment of compliance to Environmental legislation and standards.

Integrated Management

QRMC Risk Management can assist with the development, redesign and integration of any part of the above Management Systems in order to achieve an Integrated Management System (IMS) for your organisation, covering Quality, Safety and Environment compliance and operational needs.

In accordance with AS/NZS 4581 Management system integration – Guidance to business, government and community organizations, QRMC will help you to maximise the efficiencies and synergies of your management systems by integrating them to:

  • Meet compliance and operational requirements
  • Minimise duplication
  • Improve organisational performance
  • Maintain customer satisfaction
  • Reduce the complexity of required paperwork.

Third Party Certification

QRMC assists organisations to prepare for third party certification audits of their safety, quality or environmental management systems by:

  • Developing an appropriate Management System if one is not already in place, and advising on its implementation
  • Undertaking gap analysis audits to determine whether your Management System, and the degree to which it has been implemented, meets the requirements of the third party “conformity assessment body”
  • Conducting “test audits” and providing detailed recommendations for the actions necessary for the improvement of the management system, and to prepare the organisation to acquit itself successfully during the formal third party audit.

Our own Compliance


QRMC recognises that quality and completion on time within budget are key indicators of our performance. “Getting it right first time” enhances our reputation with our clients and increases our competitiveness.

The staff of QRMC is committed to quality in all aspects of our work. As we have been providing a select range of services since 1998, we have gained a unique skill and expertise in what we do. We are committed to seek constantly more innovative and effective ways to do things.

The quality components of our Integrated Management System (IMS), developed to ISO 9001, is designed by us to help us meet the needs of our clients and to ensure that quality is consistently achieved throughout all processes. It is built on the following principles and objectives:

  • Understanding and conforming to the agreed requirements of our customers
  • Always delivering the right result first time, on time
  • Continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system
  • Ensuring that all our employees understand the quality management system through appropriate and effective training
  • Gaining commitment from all of our personnel to the process of quality improvement.

QRMC’s Quality Policy can be viewed in our News & Resources section.

Staff and customers are encouraged to offer suggestions about how the quality management system can be improved. Such suggestions are assessed by company management and implemented as appropriate during the QMS review process.


Safety Management at QRMC


One of QRMC’s identified formal Business Objectives is “To provide a safe and rewarding work environment for all staff”. We are also committed to ensuring that we satisfy our clients’ safety requirements when conducting work on-site.

As a part of meeting these objectives, the Work Health and Safety components of our Integrated Management System (IMS) are compliant with AS/NZS 4801 requirements (and transitioning to AS/ISO 45001), the harmonised Work Health and Safety legislation, and industry best practice, to guide the way in which we undertake our business.

QRMC’s WHS Policy can be viewed in our News & Resources section.

We give careful consideration to the security and confidentiality of data


The conditions of employment for our staff include obligations to ensure the confidentiality of client information, both during and after the term of employment.

QRMC’s personnel working on specific client projects execute formal confidentiality agreements when required.

Records Management

QRMC has established, implemented and maintains a document and data control procedure to ensure that information provided by clients is readily identifiable, safely stored, and easily retrievable.

Security and Backup

QRMC uses a cloud-based data storage and sharing product to provide real-time and off-site back up of all data. Reinstatement of key data can occur where required within a short timeframe, to ensure continuity of client services.

Sensitive Information

Whilst QRMC relies on the best available information to select and maintain best-practice data security standards, regular interface with the online world and the use of a cloud-based data storage and sharing product can present risks.

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