Our Approach

Our approach is collaborative and collegiate. We focus on ensuring that our clients’ needs are well understood, to facilitate delivery of customised, fit-for-purpose outcomes.

We achieve successful results for our clients by adopting the following principles:

  • Commitment to building long-term business relationships
  • Gaining a full understanding of clients’ business needs and goals
  • Providing realistic integrated strategies and practical hands-on expertise designed to maximise opportunities and minimise the potential for losses
  • Commitment to good project management principles i.e. being on budget, on time and on track
  • Emphasis on personal interactions and face-to-face contact, as much as possible
  • Utilising our Quality System to ensure reliability and consistency of the products we deliver.

As risk management programs, management systems and other services are implemented, we use our extensive industry networks to complement our capabilities and experience to ensure each project achieves the agreed objectives.


Working With Your Team


Projects in the areas of risk management, work health and safety, and business continuity management often involve organisational change, which can only be achieved by effectively working from “within”, and becoming an accepted member of a workgroup inside the organisation rather than being seen as an “outsider”. Such situations require that the consultant avoid the perception of being the “external expert” brought in to direct the activities of others, instead using strategies of close dialogue and negotiation in order to achieve the necessary cultural change. Ensuring that the viewpoints of all stakeholders are included, that no area or individual on whom the success of the program will ultimately depend has been left unheard, is one important strategy in building this type of team relationship. Freely providing information on the underlying principles and objectives of the project, and ensuring that stakeholders understand what is being attempted and why, is another.




QRMC understands its personnel are in a position that may involve knowledge of our client organisations’ proprietary and confidential information. QRMC’s personnel all explicitly agree on commencing employment that they will regard and preserve as confidential all such information and any other information that could reasonably be regarded as confidential pertaining to the business of our clients, from whatever source, both during and after the term of their employment. QRMC is also willing to undertake any confidentiality deeds of agreement which may be required by its clients.


Project Management


QRMC works with its clients as a strategic partner to add value to the client’s business. The client organisation’s management team is directly involved in the approach taken to the project, and the development of project management strategies and goals. QRMC’s approach is to work very closely with the client’s staff in order to provide capacity building to the organisation. A proven benefit of working closely and collaboratively with client staff is a collective sense of ownership of potential change within the organisation, and client staff can positively influence changes moving forward.

QRMC’s working practices emphasise the following aspects of service delivery:

Client Satisfaction

It is critical to QRMC’s goals in conducting our business that we achieve high levels of client satisfaction and add value to our clients’ businesses. To this end QRMC’s staff ensure at all stages of the project that their work is meeting or exceeding expectations. We have also developed and implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) which is designed to help us meet the needs of our clients and to ensure that quality is consistently achieved throughout all processes.

“Best Practice” Guidelines

QRMC will use its extensive resources to identify best practice opportunities through the analysis of outcomes at each stage of the project.


The QRMC consultant will ensure the full involvement of the client organisation’s representative through the following steps:

  • Agreement that the client representative will be closely involved in each phase of the project and have input into the process and outcomes
  • The client representative will be represented in all significant decisions regarding approach and findings relating to the project
  • The presentation of deliverables will be designed in a format which is mutually agreeable to the client representative
  • QRMC will ensure that sufficient technical and professional capacity is available to complete the project regardless of changes in staff or resources
  • The client representative will approve final deliverables prior to presentation.

Where the project has the potential to impact on work health and safety matters, QRMC will be mindful to ensure that the consultation process is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the harmonised Work Health and Safety legislation in respect to the consultation of ‘workers’ and relevant duty holders.

Project Monitoring and Performance

The consultant’s deliverables management process will be in accordance with the requirements agreed with the client organisation’s representative and would be inclusive of a draft/final approval process. All documents will be provided in electronic format, as well as hard copy where requested.

QRMC adopts a strong project management culture that is sensitive to the needs of the client. Performance monitoring and review occurs on an ongoing basis through regular contact with the client representative (see also Consultation above).

The key performance criteria are:

  • Timeliness (as agreed with the client representative)
  • Positive client contact outcomes
  • Provision of draft and final deliverables that reflect the organisation’s objectives
  • Provision of outcomes that add value to the organisation

Should the QRMC consultant consider during the project that the scope of work requested by the client representative is extending beyond the quoted work, the consultant will promptly notify and discuss cost implications with the representative.


Privacy Policy


QRMC has developed and implemented a Privacy Policy to guide the use of client information. QRMC’s Privacy Policy can be viewed in our News & Resources section.