Although our operations do not directly contribute to global carbon emissions in the way that many industries do, we recognise that each individual, and each business, can act to control and reduce their carbon footprint.

Wherever possible QRMC has acted to reduce the environmental impact and carbon emissions generated by our activities. Initiatives include:

  • Minimising paper waste and resource usage by utilising electronic copies of documentation wherever possible and printing on scrap paper
  • Ensuring that all office paper and cardboard waste is recycled
  • Remanufacturing (refilling) our toner cartridges
  • Using energy efficient lighting
  • Turning off lighting and office equipment over nights and weekends
  • Switching to accredited Green Power electricity
  • Installing roof insulation in office spaces
  • Using natural ventilation except in extremes of temperature
  • Installing skylights and using natural light whenever possible
  • Using communications technology instead of face-to-face meetings where practicable
  • Facilitating telecommuting by our staff to reduce travel requirements
  • Installing gas hot water systems, solar photovoltaic panels, and blinds to shade west-facing windows
  • Promoting the use of teleconferences to avoid emissions from transport