Auditing & Assurance

Exemplar Global certified auditors
QRMC’s Compliance Auditors are experienced and accredited to conduct audits to a range of regulatory requirements, standards and audit tools.

QRMC’s Auditors are certified by Exemplar Global. Our audits are targeted for system improvement, recognising the related shortcomings or limitations that may exist within the existing Management Systems.

Auditing & Assurance Services

Self-Insurance Audits

In all Australian States and Territories, organisations meeting specific criteria may apply to maintain a self-insurance licence for workers’ compensation as an alternative to the state-based workers’ compensation premiums.

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Enforceable Undertaking Services

Organisations that have experienced a serious safety incident are increasingly entering into Enforceable Undertaking agreements with state safety regulators as an alternative to prosecution. The Enforceable Undertaking process can provide long term benefit and safety management improvements to the organisation, as well as providing value to the organisation’s industry.

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Electrical Safety Audits

QRMC has been appointed by the Queensland Government’s Electrical Safety Office as an accredited safety management systems auditor for prescribed electrical entities under the Qld Electrical Safety Act.

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Virtual Audits

Conducting external or third party audits typically involves physical site inspections and face-to-face interviews, however QRMC is experienced in conducting audits remotely.

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Our consultative approach

The QRMC consultant will ensure the full involvement of the client organisation’s representative through the following steps:

  • Agreement that the client representative will be closely involved in each phase of the project and have input into the process and outcomes
  • The client representative will be represented in all significant decisions regarding approach and findings relating to the project.
  • The presentation of deliverables will be designed in a format which is mutually agreeable to the client representative.
  • QRMC will ensure that sufficient technical and professional capacity is available to complete the project regardless of changes in staff or resources.
  • The client representative will approve final deliverables prior to presentation.

Where the project has the potential to impact on work health and safety matters, QRMC will be mindful to ensure that the consultation process is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the harmonised Work Health and Safety legislation in respect to the consultation of ‘workers’ and relevant duty holders.