Year: 2020

Safe Work Method Statements – Tales From the Road

As safety professionals, QRMC consultants have seen a lot of Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) in their time. It would be fair to say that the quality of these tends to fall into a typical bell curve: some are top notch, some are next to useless, and the majority are somewhere in the middle. But … Continued

“SS”ing your SMS

Management Systems, at their best should be simple, structured, user-friendly enablers of efficient operational practice. However, all too often they become as unmanageable as long hair in August westerly winds. Over time, management systems tend to morph into unwieldy beasts, becoming overly complex, tedious to apply and even more burdensome to manage… and then the … Continued

Managing Corrective and Preventative Actions

Whether its safety, quality or environmental management, a key indicator of an organisation’s performance is how it manages its corrective and preventative actions. These arise, usually as a result of one of three things occurring: A workplace incident or complaint, An audit or inspection identifying a non-conformance with system requirements, or Worker identified issues or … Continued

Don’t Let Your Management System Hang You Out to Dry

Maintaining your safety, environmental and quality management systems is a big job. In many cases it is a full-time occupation and most organisations strive to develop and maintain a management system that aligns with “best practice”. Its success or failure is measured directly by its use and application by those that rely on it, including … Continued

Why do we look in the rear-view mirror so much?

When it comes to safety performance why do organisations persist in focusing mostly on what they have done and where they have gone wrong? There is so much energy spent reporting on, analysing and sometimes even ‘fudging’ lagging incident data that paying the necessary attention to leading indicators often misses out. Safety incident data are … Continued

Safety auditing and professional judgement

The current version of the ISO 19011 Guidelines for auditing management systems includes the points that “Auditors should apply professional judgement during the audit process” followed by “Where the degree of verification is low the auditor should use their professional judgement to determine the degree of reliance that can be placed on it as evidence”. … Continued