Year: 2020

Virtual Auditing

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged a great many tried-and-(no longer)-true systems of work. One of these is conducting external or third party audits, which have typically involved physical site inspections and face-to-face interviews. The ISO 9001 Auditing Practices Group provide direction in relation to remote auditing, and the most recently issued guidance (ISO 9001 Auditing … Continued

A ‘How To’ for Management Review

Management Review is one of the best explained and worst applied sections of the management system suite of International Standards (ISO9001:2015, ISO45001:2018, ISO14001:2015). As simply stated in Clause 9.3 “top management shall review the organisation’s quality/safety/environmental system…to ensure its ongoing suitability, adequacy effectiveness…”  The respective Standards list the items that should be considered (inputs) and … Continued

Business Continuity in a Pandemic: A Case Study

As we come out of COVID-19 isolation, leaving our ‘working from home’ havens and stepping through the staged return to our ‘new normal’, we thought we would take this opportunity to highlight some positive learnings in a Case Study article. Regional Housing Limited (RHL) is a not-for-profit organisation managing emergency, transitional, and long-term social housing … Continued

Due Diligence – Compliance and Verification

Over the previous two issues we have been exploring Officers’ Due Diligence requirements from Sec 27 of the WHS Act. After analysing what Officers should do in terms of acquiring and maintaining an understanding of the organisation and WHS [Sec (5)(a) & (b)], and then ensuring appropriate resources and processes are used to eliminate or … Continued

Due Diligence – what are ‘appropriate resources and process’?

Last month we explored the ‘Officers’ Due Diligence requirements, paraphrasing Sec 27 of the WHS Act, to detail that ‘Officers’ are required to take ‘reasonable steps’ to: Firstly, acquire (and maintain) an understanding of WHS [Sec 27 (5)(a)] and an (effective) understanding of the organisation’s operations and the hazards and risks [Sec (5)(b)] Then, ensure … Continued

Worker Mental Wellbeing in Times of Isolation

A high proportion of calls calls made to mental health support lines since the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns began have been related to some aspect of the coronavirus impacts. Of course, a lot of the distress is being experienced by those who’ve lost their place in Australia’s workforce. However, mental wellbeing impacts on those still working, … Continued