Year: 2019

Silly Season Risk Management

During the busy lead up to Christmas, both employers and employees should give some extra thought to safety and self-care. At the end of the year, everyone tends to be simultaneously at their most weary and their most busy: both in serious need of a holiday, and under pressure to get a lot of work … Continued

New Year – New Start

It’s coming into that time of the year again – holiday season and then the New Year. As is usually the case when January 1st rolls around, many of us will be looking to make a new year’s resolution or two and chances are that these will be related to our personal wellbeing. One of … Continued

Remote/Isolated Work and Journey Management

When considering the risks associated with your day-to-day work activities, one risk that often gets taken for granted or even overlooked altogether is getting to your destination safely in the first place. For most of us this often involves driving or commuting a short distance, and in the event of a need for immediate assistance, … Continued

Are you really prepared?

Without wanting to sound too cliched, there is a definite need at this time of year to ensure you are prepared for an emergency. In auditing a range of industries across the state QRMC’s consultants commonly see that most organisations have their ducks all in row in relation to fire and evacuation. However, there are … Continued

Strategic Vs Operational Risk

Many organisations struggle to identify the line between Strategic and Operational Risks. The solution to properly separating the two lies in the very definition of risk from ISO 31000: “the effect of uncertainty on objectives.” The fundamental purpose of a risk program, and thus a risk register, is to manage the risks (and opportunities) potentially … Continued


Yet another abbreviation entering our general vocabulary: Too Long, Didn’t Read. It is sometimes a genuine warning, sometimes part opinionated insult, but most of the time it is wholly a reflection of our contemporary state of being time-poor. This is something that the Safety and Risk profession needs to be cognisant of, whether developing Management … Continued