Year: 2014

Holiday wishes

QRMC Risk Management Pty Ltd will be closing over the Christmas period, from close of business Friday 19 December, reopening Monday 5 January 2015. We will resume posting news in March 2015. QRMC wishes all our clients, supporters and readers a relaxing and happy holiday season. Take care and stay safe until we meet again … Continued

Business continuity and data management

Operating in the fast-paced, interconnected and well-regulated modern world, organisations are more reliant than ever on the accuracy, completeness and security of the data which are collected and generated as part of their business operations. As highlighted by advice distributed prior to the recent G20 meeting in Brisbane, organisations are vulnerable to the loss of, … Continued

Turning uncertainty into opportunity

The majority of risk management programs are defensive by nature. They are focussed on identifying the risks that might impact on the organisation’s business objectives and either mitigating the impact or reducing the probability of an event occurring. However, an holistic approach to risk management also utilises the process to maximise exploitation of opportunities. This … Continued

Managing WHS risks for OS operations

Many of us watch the news from overseas detailing the latest conflict, natural disaster, health emergency or other crisis with interest but no real connection. The situation is vastly different for workers (and their PCBUs and WHS support professionals) when the organisation has operations and/or employees travelling in the affected area. People-based WHS risk for … Continued

“All hours” expectations and stress

In the modern 24-7 world where smart phones and home internet connections facilitate a constant connection to the workplace, employers need to take greater care of the stress impact on workers and the work-life balance. The ability to work from home provides valuable flexibility for many workers and workplaces. However, the failure to maintain appropriate … Continued

Optimising lessons to be learned from incident investigations

All too often, participants in the investigation of a safety incident feel like the image shown with this post – that they are the focus of a negative, hostile process and targeted for blame. The incident investigation needn’t (and shouldn’t) be like this. There is an unprecedented opportunity for learning and organisational improvement through the … Continued

Improving performance through Enterprise Risk Management

There can be a tendency at times for an organisation to look dubiously at their risk management personnel and wonder why they are committing so much effort to their enterprise risk management program, in a process that some perceive as just a compliance exercise. This is especially the case if the risk management activities concerned … Continued