While there are no major legislative overhauls expected in 2019, Safe Work Australia’s review of the model WHS laws is due to be finalised by the end of the year, and this will (in all likelihood) have a flow-on effect to the state Legislation.

The aim of the review is to identify areas of the model WHS laws that require further assessment and analysis; considering whether the model WHS laws are operating as intended and are effective in protecting workers and other persons against harm; assessing whether the consultation, representation and issue resolution provisions are effective; and whether the model WHS Regulations, Codes of Practice and National compliance and enforcement policy adequately support the object of the model WHS Act.

Also, the introduction of ISO 45001 … and the continued implementation of the requirements of 2018 revision of ISO 31000 … will keep life interesting.

As detailed in our article on “Risks and Opportunities”, the embedment of the concept of opportunity in key international standards should prompt discussion about ‘the positives’, rather than just thinking about the ‘negative risks’.

From a WHS perspective, the coronial inquest into the Dreamworld fatalities will potentially highlight a range of Management-level and system based opportunities that could be applied across most industries.   One of these associated opportunities should be to leverage off the heightened profile that Risk Management in general (inclusive of WHS, Quality and Business Continuity disciplines) will have in 2019.

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