Following on from the discussion in last month’s Insight about ‘Top Managements’ role it’s useful to explore the oversight and review process as detailed in Sec 9.3 – Management Review of the Standard – ‘Top management shall review the organisation’s management system at planned intervals to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.’ Firstly, one needs to reconsider who should be involved. The ISO45001 standard is specific in that it should be the ‘Top Management’ or the person or group of people who direct or control an organisation at the highest level. Then, there is a need to explore what should be covered by the review. This is not just a run-of-the-mill Managers Meeting: some preparation and forethought needs to have been applied. Section 9.3 details the array of external and internal considerations. Of note, the external considerations need to include:
  • The needs and expectations of interested parties
  • Legal requirements
  • Industry-wide risks and opportunities
  • Industry trends
While the internal considerations focus on:
  • Health and Safety performance via incident, audit and review data
  • The effectiveness in managing WHS risks and promoting opportunities
  • Opportunities identified from consultation and feedback
  • The adequacy of the resourcing allocation
The discussion should reflect the calibre of the Top Managers involved, and it should challenge the current status in striving for continual improvement. Critically, it should not resemble a 10 min gloss-over chat or an operationally focussed meeting discussing day-to-day issues. With Top Management involved in this process there is a neat alignment with the WHS Act’s Due Diligence requirements imposed on ‘Officers’; especially in relation to maintaining knowledge of WHS matters, resource allocation for WHS, processes for the elimination and minimisation of WHS risks, and ensuring overall compliance with legal requirements. Please contact QRMC for more information.