Statement of Purpose

The focus of the Safety Networking Group is to provide information and networking to senior OHS professionals in order to contribute to the development of the health & safety profession in South East Queensland.

In the interest of ensuring that the Group achieves this goal and provides best value to its members, SNG membership is restricted to individuals in occupational health and safety positions at Managerial level.

Coordinated by QRMC Risk Management Pty Ltd, the SNG meets approximately 4 times a year, hosted on a voluntary basis by members. Hosting involves the provision of a venue and basic catering. There are no membership fees.

QRMC arranges for speakers to present on current issues affecting safety professionals, and issues in which SNG members have expressed an interest. Group members also share information from their industries which other members may find relevant or interesting.

QRMC has developed a positive relationship with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, and arranges regular presentations from WHSQ at SNG meetings in order that members may develop insight into the current and developing regulatory context.

Membership of the SNG ranges across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, and various industries including transport, rail, aviation, communication, resources, water management, aged care, logistics, manufacturing, entertainment, health, livestock management, energy and finance.