QRMC Risk Management has well developed administration systems and a flexible style of management, which allows us to meet the requests of our clients in most administrative and project management matters.

All aspects of QRMC’s business relationships with our clients (quoting, invoicing, record keeping, documentation etc) are professional and practical, and we have designed our systems in order to enable fulfilment of specific client requests in these areas.


In line with our sustainability philosophy, QRMC encourages electronic communication and documentation whenever possible. While hard copy documentation will be provided at the client’s request, by default we transmit project deliverables (draft and final) in soft copy and undertake all written communications via email.


At the conclusion of the services, QRMC’s clients receive a full report with format and content as agreed for the project, but generally containing the methodology adopted, the outcomes and findings of each stage of the project, and conclusions and recommendations as required to achieve the project’s goals. QRMC aims to provide its clients with full documentation of the project and the way forward, which can be utilised in business planning activities and to keep the program alive and up to date.

“After Sales” Service

QRMC will always ensure that the client is satisfied with the services provided before considering the project to be complete. QRMC can also assist with post-project implementation and monitoring services.


QRMC understands the need for flexibility in determining a fee structure to suit your particular business needs. Therefore our consulting fees can take the form of hourly charge-out at a pre-determined rate, or a project fee determined at commencement of the assignment and invoiced either monthly or according to agreed milestones. Any variations to project scope (generally client-initiated) will be quoted and agreed before any time or cost is incurred.

Business Manager

Lenore Keough oversees the business management for the team.  Her role is a multifaceted one and she assists in all areas of the team’s operation. She has been an administrator for the last 18 years and has a wide range of skills and experience in the area of office administration.  She also holds post-graduate qualifications in business administration.

Lenore is committed to high standards of quality and customer focus.  Her excellent interpersonal, communication, planning and teamwork skills, in addition to her competence in all office management skills, assists the QRMC team to consistently deliver high quality services.

Any queries or concerns with regard to any operation of QRMC’s business can be raised with Lenore who will ensure your queries are actioned as quickly as possible.