WHS Risk Assessments

WHS risk assessments of infrastructure, projects or specific operations are also conducted by QRMC, referencing the international standard ISO 31000 Risk Management and utilising QRMC’s safety risk assessment methodology which has been developed in compliance with ISO 31000.

Our WHS risk assessments generally deliver site or project safety risk registers, identifying risks and hazards/causations, existing controls, risk ratings, responsibilities, and recommended new controls/risk treatments.

When undertaking hazard identification as part of these safety risk assessment exercises, QRMC’s auditors will always seek to consult with affected personnel to ensure no issues are missed.

QRMC’s consultants are experienced facilitators, and will adopt a consultative, non-confrontational style when conducting risk assessments with your staff, resulting in more open communication and goodwill during the risk assessment process, and thus gathering more reliable information upon which the organisation can act to manage the identified risks. Our approach to risk assessment will provide confidence that no important risks have been overlooked, and that the true status of the risk (in terms of its consequence, likelihood and existing controls) has been identified.

QRMC has developed a suite of risk assessment tools and forms which are compliant with the international standard ISO 31000 Risk Management and which we have refined over time to meet the needs of most organisations. These can be tailored to the specific requirements and risk acceptance appetite of your organisation before deployment as part of your risk assessment process. Alternatively, if your organisation has already developed its own risk assessment methodology, QRMC’s consultants will apply that to the risk assessment process.

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