WHS Awareness and Training

QRMC undertakes the development and/or delivery of training for management and staff in relation to WHS obligations and responsibilities.

It is important for Officers and workers in all organisations to both understand their WHS duties within the context of their role.

In particular, in states which have adopted the WHS model laws, Officers and workers need to become familiar with ways in which the organisation’s WHS management systems have changed due to the Work Health and Safety legislation.

QRMC develops and delivers awareness sessions or training programs tailored to the target audience and the organisation’s needs and objectives.

Training is always tailored to the specific workplace, highlighting the management systems / processes of the organisation, and where possible incorporating case studies or exercises based on the organisation’s operations.

Our consultants ensure that all participants are engaged in training and awareness sessions, and draw on participant knowledge to enhance the value of the training program for all participants.

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