Self Insurance Auditing

QRMC’s staff of WHS auditors also includes auditors accredited by the Queensland Government to undertake self insurance audits.

In all Australian States and Territories, organisations meeting specific criteria may apply to maintain a self insurance licence for workers’ compensation as an alternative to the state-based workers’ compensation premiums. QRMC provides a range of professional advice related to the management of these self insurance licences, including:

  • Licence renewal audits of self insured entities in Queensland (these are conducted by the regulatory authority in most other states)
  • Preliminary or gap analysis audits of existing work health and safety management systems against the relevant regulatory requirements for self insured entities, or those intending to apply for a licence
  • Advice and implementation strategies for the improvement of work health and safety management systems to meet compliance requirements and best practice.
  • Self-insurance compliance safety management system preparatory or mid-term audits in all States and Territories

To deliver our Self Insurance Audits, QRMC works in compliance with the National Self Insurer OHS Audit Tool and the harmonised Work Health and Safety legislation or relevant safety legislation for your jurisdiction and industry. We develop and deliver audits tailored specifically to your organisation’s needs, whether your goal is a self-insurer licence renewal, a mid-term compliance check, or to determine your organisation’s status in preparation for applying for a self-insurer licence.

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