Livestock Saleyard Safety

Livestock saleyards typically have a limited number of dedicated staff, with much ‘point-of-risk’ work undertaken by people not working directly for the saleyard owner, including agents, buyers, sellers, cooperatives, transporters and other contracting parties.

Without appropriate infrastructure and safety management systems in place to manage and coordinate the activities of such contractors, the saleyard owner risks accidents and injuries potentially resulting in fines or prosecutions for safety breaches.

A Livestock Saleyard Safety Audit, or a Livestock Saleyard Safety Risk Assessment can assist you to identify whether the safety management of the Saleyard is appropriate, compliant with regulatory requirements, or requiring work to keep the public, workers and contractors safe.

QRMC offers a range of Livestock Saleyard Safety services, including:

  • Livestock Saleyard safety audits
  • Livestock Saleyard Safety Risk Assessments
  • A gap analysis to check on legislative compliance, identify unaddressed hazards, and determine whether any existing safety procedures are understood and used by all parties
  • Livestock Saleyard staff safety awareness and training
  • Review or Development of Livestock Saleyard Safety Systems, compliant with current safety legislation
  • A review and update of an existing Safety Management System to achieve a system that is user-friendly and tailored to suit the specific needs and operational staffing of the Saleyard
  • A risk assessment of any specific infrastructure or processes which have the potential to endanger the safety of workers or contractors at the saleyard

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