Ergonomic and workplace assessments

QRMC undertakes workstation ergonomic assessments and workplace inspections focussed on legislative compliance for workers’ health and safety, ergonomic issues, and the suitable design of new equipment or workplaces.

QRMC’s ergonomic assessments focus closely on the needs and specific requirements of the individual worker(s) in using their workspace, in order to best manage existing medical conditions, or to prevent injury, pain or discomfort being caused.

QRMC also provides broader workplace inspections focussed on ensuring that the entire workplace reflects the requirements of WHS legislation, and to identify risks to health and safety in the work environment. Such inspections include consideration of the physical environment and the operational interfaces of the workplaces, to identify WHS risks. Home office inspections can also be undertaken, including assessment not only of the workstation set up but the broader safety context of the home office.

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