Value Management Facilitation

Value management is a structured process which achieves best value for stakeholders, or best value for money, in achieving the required level of functional performance for any planned project. The process focuses on:

  • Ensuring full stakeholder involvement in the project development process
  • Critically analysing the key functions that the project must perform
  • Engendering stakeholder ownership of the outcome
  • Finding the most appropriate solution for the situation
  • Achieving best value for money.

QRMC can provide a Registered Facilitator to undertake Value Management / Value Engineering Studies. These studies will ensure that your project delivers a “best fit solution” for the particular situation which takes into account required levels of performance and quality whilst achieving a high value output.

QRMC’s Registered Facilitator is also an active member of the Institute of Value Management Australia and stays abreast of contemporary best practice developments.

QRMC ensures that the value management process achieves the intended outcomes by focussing on:

  • Identifying required performance from the project
  • Identifying stakeholder needs and how they relate to planned project outcomes.

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