Business Continuity Management options at QRMC

As experienced BCM consultants, QRMC can provide the entire suite of services for the development of a Business Continuity Management program for your organisation. This typically includes:

  • Review of existing documentation and other related systems to identify content gaps, areas of good practice, and systems with which the BCM program will need to integrate
  • Development of a Business Continuity Management Framework to document the objectives, structure and interrelationships of the BCM program
  • Facilitation of a Business Impact Analysis workshop with key stakeholders, to identify key processes and critical functions, evaluate risk and vulnerability exposures, and identify assets/resources/personnel that are critical to the ongoing achievement of the critical functions
  • Formulation of the Business Continuity Plan structure and development of the plan in line with the organisation’s information and BIA workshop outcomes
  • Development and delivery of a training program
  • Development and delivery of a testing program
  • Development of a BCM program maintenance plan

Alternatively QRMC can provide assistance with any individual step or part of the process. We have also undertaken Contingency Planning for specific threat scenarios, as part of an overarching Business Continuity Management approach.

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