QRMC has been delivering services as a Safety Management Systems Consultant since 1998.

The wide range of safety projects we have successfully delivered can be reviewed on our Projects pages. Our clients (many of whom are repeat clients and referrals) include public sector, private sector, small and large businesses, and not-for-profits.

To deliver our Safety Management Systems services, QRMC works in compliance with the standard AS/NZS 4801 Occupational health and safety management systems, the harmonised Work Health and Safety legislation or the relevant safety legislation or codes of practice for your jurisdiction and industry.

As experienced work health and safety consultants, we develop and deliver services tailored specifically to your organisation’s needs, not “off the shelf” products, so that you can be confident that the objectives of your safety project will be achieved.

We can also develop, audit or update Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management Systems, and Integrated Management Systems. More information can be found on our Management Systems services page.

The range of Safety Management Systems Consultancy services we deliver include:

Independent, cost­‐effective services.
Tailored to suit the requirements of individual clients.
Help to achieve your organisation’s business objectives and compliance requirements.
  • Accredited Auditors
  • User-friendly and legislatively compliant documentation
  • Experienced Consultants
  • Professional approach
  • Extensive work portfolio
  • Contemporary practices
  • Quality controlled services

Different terms, same essential outcome

There is a range of terminology in use to describe safety documentation. Some of the most common are:

  • Safety Management System, or SMS
  • Occupational Health Safety Management System, or OHSMS
  • Workplace Health and Safety Management System, or WHSMS
  • Work Health and Safety Management System, also WHSMS
  • Health Safety and Environmental Management System, or HSEMS

QRMC has worked with organisations whose preferences or regulatory context has required all of these permutations for the systems documentation we developed or reviewed for them. The systems documentation we develop for your organisation will be tailored to your specific needs, include the functional and regulatory content you require, and use the terminology preferred by you.

Development and Review of Safety Documentation

QRMC Risk Management can assist your organisation to take a systematic approach to the management of safety to protect your workforce from harm and your business from legislative breaches.

QRMC develops Safety Management Systems (SMS) compliant with AS/NZS 4801 Occupational health and safety management systems, as well as the harmonised Work Health and Safety legislation or other legislation relevant to your organisation.

Importantly, QRMC also ensures that each safety policy, procedure and form is tailored to your organisation’s operations. While ensuring that the legislative requirements for your relevant jurisdiction and industry are met by the SMS, QRMC will also focus on:

  • Involving your staff in order to develop commitment to the Safety Management System and ease the implementation process
  • Designing the procedures and forms to reflect the operational needs of your business and the capacities and access requirements of the staff who will use the system
  • Building in the capacity for easy ongoing review and continuous improvement.

Our approach to the development of Safety Management Systems or other safety documentation emphasises:

  • Practicality and usability
  • Integration of existing safety documentation to minimise organisational ‘shock’ and ease the implementation processes
  • Capacity to be integrated with other management systems in order to maximise value and minimise duplication (see below).

Benefits of Safety Management System integration

Integrating your Safety Management System with other organisational management systems will exploit the similarities between them in order to achieve a simple, easy-to-use system to manage all your organisational activities. QRMC can assist you to maximise the efficiencies and synergies of your management systems by integrating them to:

  • Meet compliance and operational requirements
  • Minimise duplication
  • Improve organisational performance
  • Maintain customer satisfaction
  • Reduce the complexity of required paperwork.

Compliance Checks for Safety Management Systems

QRMC assists organisations to determine whether their Safety Management System is compliant with the legislation, standards and codes of practice relevant to their operations by undertaking gap analysis on existing Safety Management Systems and providing detailed recommendations for the improvement of the system to meet the compliance requirements and best practice. If the system is compliant to the relevant regulatory requirements, we will concentrate on recommendations to improve the usability and efficiency of the system, its implementation and effectiveness, and its interaction with other systems and processes across the organisation.

Third Party Certification

QRMC assists organisations to prepare for third party certification audits by:

  • Developing an appropriate Safety Management System if one is not already in place, and advising on its implementation
  • Undertaking gap analysis audits to determine whether your Safety Management System, and the degree to which it has been implemented, meets the requirements of the third party “conformity assessment body”
  • Conducting “test audits” and providing detailed recommendations for the actions necessary to prepare the organisation to acquit itself successfully during the formal third party audit.

A brief description of the third party certification process is provided here.

Safety Management System Training

QRMC can develop and delivery training programs for your staff in understanding and using the new or reviewed Safety Management System. Issues covered can include interpretation of the safety standards and legislation relevant to your organisation, understanding compliance obligations, staff responsibilities under the adopted Safety Management System, contemporary management issues etc.

QRMC can provide also training for management and staff in relation to WHS obligations and responsibilities. It is important for Officers and workers in all organisations to both understand their WHS duties within the context of their role, and in states which have adopted the WHS model laws, to become familiar with ways in which the organisation’s Safety Management Systems have changed due to the Work Health and Safety legislation. QRMC develops and delivers awareness sessions or training programs tailored to the target audience and the organisation’s needs and objectives.

Getting Up To Date

Since the development of model Work Health and Safety legislation by Safe Work Australia, QRMC has provided a range of clients with assistance relating to compliance with the harmonised Work Health and Safety legislation now introduced in several states and territories. In some areas, the new legislation differs substantially from the previous Acts, and imposes increased obligations on ‘persons conducting a business or undertaking’ (PCBUs). QRMC can assist organisations to address the requirements of the harmonised legislation by providing any of the following range of services:

  • Undertake a compliance review of the work your organisation has undertaken to date on updating your systems, to check that all new regulatory requirements have been met
  • Undertake a gap analysis against the requirements of the new legislation, covering existing systems and/or contractual obligations which have not yet been reviewed
  • Review and revise safety management system procedures and documentation to incorporate the new requirements
  • Develop and/or deliver training for ‘Officers’ of the organisation to ensure they are informed of, and familiar with, their significantly enhanced duties and responsibilities under the revised safety management system
  • Develop and/or deliver staff awareness sessions so that all workers are aware of their safety duties and responsibilities
  • Assist in implementing the revised work health and safety management system, and provide training for staff to embed the changes
  • Revise the corporate governance processes for Boards and executive management.



“As a consulting company QRMC are a class act in the WHS and Risk specialty fields. I feel qualified to say this from my 15 years on the front line and in management with Safety and Risk for Queensland Rail. I have enjoyed working with QRMC’s Consultants always knowing that trust is well placed in their experienced hands as they deliver up to the minute practical solutions in a timely manner with high integrity. The breadth of their experience means the client benefits from their knowledge of a range of effective options for best fit with the business and the business situation.
The Safety Networking Group facilitated by QRMC provides a networking platform for their clients, Regulators and Safety Professionals to share views and be briefed on the latest developments in the field. At these events to simply observe the regard that diverse clients from private industry and Government departments hold for the QRMC team speaks volumes. At a level of empowerment the benefit to industry provided by the SNG over time has been invaluable.”
Lindsay Shorley
Health, Safety and Risk Professional


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