Due to the large number of projects falling into this category, they have been grouped into project-related sub-categories as follows:

  • Infrastructure
  • Business
  • Safety
  • Recreational
  • Environmental
  • Disaster and security


  • Adelaide Airport Ltd
    Risk Management Review
  • Adelaide Airport Ltd
    Risk Assessments of New Terminal
  • Albion Park Raceway Trustees
    Risk management plan for the Albion Park Raceway
  • Altus Renewables Limited
    Risk assessment of construction phase and operational phase of timber reclamation plant in Maryborough
  • Asia Pacific Liquid Natural Gas (APLNG) joint venture
    Risk Assessment and Risk Methodology Development
  • Australian Airports Association
    Risk assessments of regional airports, deliverables including a template for risk assessment and safety management system implementation at regional airports throughout Queensland
  • Australian Airports (Townsville) Pty Ltd
    Risk Assessment Framework for the New Aerobridge Infrastructure at Townsville
  • Beaudesert Shire Council
    Rail Corridor Risk Assessment and Development of Management Plan
  • Boonah Shire Council
    Risk Assessment of Civic Centre
  • Brisbane Airport Corporation Pty Ltd
    Operational risk assessment of baggage handling in common use areas of Brisbane Airport Domestic Terminal
  • Brisbane City Council (City Works)
    Risk Assessment of Redland Bay (Boundary) Road Project General Scope and Plans
  • Burchill Partners Pty Ltd
    Risk Assessment of proposed residential development
  • Connell Wagner
    Risk assessment of Construction Project CS Energy
  • Cromwell Property Securities Limited
    Risk assessment of signage removal from CBD building
  • Department of Main Roads
    Project Risk Management Workshop, Cooroy to Curra Section B
  • Dubbo City Council
    Risk Assessment of livestock yards to ensure Council’s reasonable duty of care
  • Education Queensland
    Risk assessment of Buranda State School focussing on access issues
  • Gold Coast Airport Limited
    Design, Development and Establishment of a Project-based Risk Management Framework with specific focus on the Tugun By-Pass, Runway Extension, and Overlay of Taxiway Charlie
  • Hillocc Pty Ltd
    Flood Risk Assessment on Proposed Development
  • Ipswich City Council
    Physical Public Liability Risk assessment
  • Ipswich City Council
    Risk assessment, Risk Management Plan for Civic Hall Theatre Operations
  • NBN Co. Limited
    Facilitate a risk assessment for the installation of fibre optic cable above live LV conductors
  • Origin Energy
    Review of CSG HSE Risk Registers for Talinga and Spring Gully operations
  • Pradella Group
    Rail Collision Risk assessment of Roma Street Parklands Development
  • Qantas Airways Ltd
    Risk Assessment and Compliance Review of the Number 1 Hangar at the Brisbane Airport
  • Qantas Airways Ltd
    Risk Assessment and Compliance Review of the Number 2 Hangar at the Brisbane Airport
  • Qantas Airways Ltd
    Ergonomic / Anthropometric Assessment of the Brisbane Airport domestic terminal aerobridges
  • QR Ltd
    Rollingstock risk analysis to identify non-compliances on rollingstock with the QR safety management system standards and specifications
  • QR Ltd
    Risk criteria for evacuations from stations
  • QR Ltd
    Risk assessment of operations on the Townsville-Mt Isa rail corridor
  • QR Ltd
    Facilitation of risk assessment regarding hand rail removal
  • QR Ltd
    Facilitation of Workshop on Gates for Livestock Crossings
  • QR Ltd
    Riverlink Risk assessment (running trains through North Ipswich Mall)
  • QR Ltd
    Facilitation of Risk Assessment Workshop regarding Boom Gates
  • QR Ltd
    Validation of Risk Assessment on New Rollingstock for Passenger Services
  • Queensland Department of Main Roads
    Investigation into risk assessment techniques in use by the Road Transport Construction Services (South-East) including recommendations to improve risk assessment in the RTCS
  • Queensland Transport, Queensland Department of Main Roads
    Risk management assessment for South-East Transit Project
  • Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads
    Facilitation of Transport Network Reconstruction Program – TNRP Strategic Risk Management Facilitation Workshops for Risk Management Plans (including risk assessment of disaster recovery program)
  • Tamworth Regional Council
    Risk Assessment of Traffic and Movements at Council Depot
  • Thiess Pty Ltd
    Facilitation of Risk Management Workshop for the Coopernook to Herons Creek upgrade of the Pacific Highway (covering technical risk in the construction phase)


  • AALARA Risk Management
    Validation of risk management audit
  • Australian Airports (Townsville) Pty Ltd
    Strategic Risk Management Review
  • Australian National Training Authority (ANTA)
    Risk Assessment of the National Training Authority VET System
  • Australian National Training Authority (ANTA)
    Review of VET National Risk Register
  • Campbell Brothers Limited
    Risk assessment of various divisions of Campbell Brothers Limited
  • Central Queensland University
    Review of Risk Profile for the Faculty of Business and Law
  • Crime and Misconduct Commission
    Corporate Risk assessment
  • Currumbin and Palm Beach RSL
    Review of risk management program
  • Education Department of Western Australia
    Review of an existing risk management and corporate governance program, including examination of all corporate governance and risk management strategies to determine level of compliance with standards and policies, consultation with various stakeholders to determine if the program was meeting needs, and recommendations for change to improve outputs
  • Flip Side Circus Inc.
    Risk assessment of operations
  • Gold Coast City Council
    Facilitation of Risk Register and Treatment Plan Workshop Sessions for Engineering Services
  • Hervey Bay City Council
    Risk management awareness program for senior management followed up by the provision of a risk management review of Council operations
  • Hinchinbrook Shire Council
    Assessment of Council’s requirements for an electronic surveillance system for their waste facility
  • Inglewood Shire Council
    Strategic risk management assessment and work management plan development including workshop facilitating the integration of the Shire’s strategic plan and their risk management strategy
  • Inscom Risk Engineering Limited
    Insurance risk review of Cable & Wireless International Digital Communications (CWIDC) in Japan
  • Inscom Risk Engineering Limited
    Operational risk review of Eastern Telecommunications Phillipines Inc.
  • Inscom Risk Engineering Limited
    Operational risk review of C2C Pte Limited in Hong Kong
  • Legal Aid Queensland
    Risk management assessment and workshop
  • Liquor Licensing Division of the Department of Tourism and Racing
    Review of the Liquor Licensing Division of the Department of Tourism and Racing with the view to positioning the activities in an operational mode reflective of the current environment and the additional responsibilities recently transferred to the Division
  • LinkWater
    Risk Reporting Review and Gap Analysis against ISO31000
  • Linkwater
    Conduct risk identification workshops with senior executive and update risk register
  • Maroochy Shire Council
    Assessment of strategic risk management program and training for the executive management team in their responsibilities regarding implementation of the program
  • Moreton Bay Regional Council
    Peer Review of Risk Assessment for Development Application
  • PIC Australia
    Risk assessment on Animal Health Management in PIC Breeding Herds
  • P&O Trans Australia
    Facilitation of Risk Assessment of IT Implementation Project
  • QR National
    Review and redevelopment of QR National’s Safety Risk Management Standard
  • Queensland Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy
    Jimaylya Centre (Mt Isa Wet Canteen) Risk Assessment
  • Queensland Department of Employment, Training and Industrial Relations
    Review of the internal Director’s and Officer’s Liability training course
  • Queensland Department of Employment and Training
    Risk Assessment Framework for the Building and Construction Industry Training Fund
  • Queensland Department of Local Government, Planning, Sport and Recreation
    Facilitate Risk Identification and Process Review workshops plus production of final report and recommendations, in relation to Private Certification Review Project
  • Queensland Department of Primary Industry (Forestry)
    Review of the risk management program including benchmarking with the private sector
  • Queensland Department of Tourism, Racing and Fair Trading
    Review and update of the strategic risk management program of the Department following the addition of the Office of Fair Trading
  • River City Technology division of the Brisbane City Council
    Risk assessment including workshops and other consultative processes, and delivering a risk register and treatment schedule
  • RSL Care
    Risk management assessment followed by bi-annual Strategic Planning and Operational Planning and Risk Assessment Reviews
  • Sugar Research and Development Corporation
    Risk Management Services on behalf of ComCover
  • University of Queensland
    Corporate Governance Review and Risk Management Review of Union College
  • Wheat Export Authority
    Conduct Scoping and Develop Member Service Plan on behalf of ComCover


  • APP Corporation Pty Ltd
    Risk Assessment of Components of New Facility for Hally Labels
  • Arnott’s Biscuits
    Risk assessment of manufacturing strategy
  • Arnott’s Biscuits
    Risk assessment of Players Factory
  • Arnott’s Biscuits
    Review of Snack Foods Risk Management Program
  • Arts Queensland
    Safety Risk Assessment of fall from heights risks for Queensland Performing Arts Centre Theatres
  • Australia Post
    WHS Risk Assessment of prototype delivery vans, recommendations for alterations to production model to lower risk profile, re-assessment of production models to confirm reduced risk profile
  • Australian Airports Association
    SMS CASA Inspection Tour (compliance check of AAA SMS with CASA requirements)
  • Boral ACM
    Fire Safety Risk Assessment Allens Asphalt, Kunda Park, Maroochydore
  • Boral Concrete South East Queensland
    Risk assessment on the use of Class B treated effluent water (treated or recycled water) in the batching of concrete and production of a report including operational recommendations
  • Boral Construction Materials Queensland
    Risk Assessment of the use of an Agitator for carting water and production of a report including operational recommendations
  • Boral Direct Plasterboard
    Risk Assessment on the use of Class A+ Treated (Recycled) Water in the manufacture of Plasterboard and production of a report including operational recommendations
  • Create Security Pty Ltd
    Safety Risk Assessment of Security Gate Operation
  • CHBE Ltd (Faith Christian School of Distance Education)
    Third party review of Faith Christian School Risk Assessment for Mission Trip
  • Finn Rasmussen Architects
    Safety Risk Assessment of pyramid glass skylight at the Queensland Art Gallery entrance
  • Ipswich City Council
    Risk Assessment of alcohol consumption in public park
  • Logan City Council
    Risk assessment of home library volunteer services
  • Maroochy Shire Council
    Review and Quality Assure the Maroochy Shire Council draft Corporate Risk Management Strategy document; Provide expert advice on the issue of self-insurance in the Workers Compensation area
  • Metro South Hospital and Health Service
    Risk Assessment of Princess Alexandra Hospital, Floor of L2, 228 Logan Road, Woolloongabba
  • Multiplex Developments Australia Pty Ltd
    Risk Assessment for Portside Wharf
  • NBN Co. Limited
    Safety Risk Assessment of overhead / underground construction methodology for the National Broadband Network
  • Origin Energy
    Facilitate a verification review of CSG HSE Risk Registers for Talinga and Spring Gully operations
  • QR Ltd
    Risk Assessment of Spare Traincrew Travel Modes
  • QR Ltd
    Risk Assessment of Silver Spike Competition
  • Queensland Department of Communities and Department of Housing
    Risk Assessment of the Lady Bowen Building for use as a hostel for homeless persons
  • Queensland Department of Employment, Small Business and Training
    Risk Assessment of Departmental Co-location with QPS
  • Queensland Police Service
    Risk Assessment on the use of Conducted Energy Weapons (CEW) during training within the Queensland Police Service
  • Queensland Police Service
    Risk Assessment Facilitation of public safety and security at Queensland stadiums
  • Queensland Police Service
    Professional advice re expired air resuscitation PPE
  • Queensland Urban Utilities
    Review of the effectiveness of current signage controls for drowning risks
  • Redland City Council
    Remote Library Risk Assessment
  • RLM Distributing Pty Ltd
    Safety Risk Assessment of Tyre Safety Inflation Cage
  • Safetylyne Pty Ltd
    Risk Assessment of Working on Roofs for Qantas Property
  • Seqwater
    Facilitation of risk assessment workshop for the introduction of the new Permit to Work System
  • Suncorp-Metway Ltd
    Survey and Risk Assessment of Whordley’s Bulk Haulage Vehicle Fleet Insurance Claims on behalf of Suncorp-Metway Ltd
  • Village Roadshow Theme Parks
    Risk Review of Incident Response Process for Seaworld Helicopters


  • Affinity Risk Partners
    Risk assessments of various recreational installations and equipment
  • Arthur’s Seat Skyway Pty Ltd
    Assessment of the risk context of the re-construction and operations of the Arthur’s Seat Chairlift in Victoria
  • Beaudesert Shire Council
    Rail Corridor Risk Assessment and Development of Management Plan
  • Gold Coast City Council
    Beach Safety Risk Assessment and Review Risk Assessment after implementation
  • Gold Coast City Council
    Risk assessment of Council Supported BMX Track Facilities
  • Gold Coast City Council
    Risk Assessment of Proposal to construct pools in canal areas
  • Gold Coast City Council
    Review of Risk Management Plan for Youth Indoor Recreation Facility
  • Gold Coast City Council
    Risk Assessment of Elanora Skate and BMX Facility including gap analysis against world’s best practice and recommendations for improvement
  • Moreton Bay Regional Council
    Risk Assessment of State Equestrian Centre
  • Oakhill College
    Development of Risk Assessment Methodology and risk assessment of overseas school excursions
  • Palace Backpackers
    Risk Assessment of the Down Under Bar for Palace Backpackers; Review of Risk Assessment of the Down Under Bar for Palace Backpackers
  • Urban Media
    Risk Assessment and development of OHS Risk Register including recommendations for risk control, for concert event at Wet n Wild


  • Brisbane City Council (City Business and City Waste Services)
    Operational Environmental Risk Assessment of Rochedale Landfill
  • Brisbane Water (division of Brisbane City Council)
    Risk assessment of existing disinfection systems, facilities and installations of the three water treatment plants at Mount Crosby West and East Bank, and North Pine; an assessment of the quantitative risk assessment of proposed alternative chlorination facilities; and development of appropriate content in respect to risk assessment requirements for inclusion in future tender documents
  • Origin Energy
    Facilitate a verification review of CSG HSE Risk Registers for Talinga and Spring Gully operations
  • Queensland Department of Environment and Science (DES) – Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service
    Assessment of risks and constraints to fire management operations in landscapes with CSG operations and infrastructure

Disaster and security

  • Caboolture Shire Council
    Risk assessment of CabWater: Revision of Existing Risk Management Plan and Development of a Specialised Disaster Risk Management Plan
  • Cooloola Sunshine Institute of TAFE
    Development of a critical incident plan
  • Gold Coast City Council
    Facilitate development of counter terrorism risk profile
  • Hervey Bay Airport
    DOTARS Security Assessment
  • Lion Pty Ltd
    Security Risk Assessment of Castlemaine Brewery
  • Queensland Police Service
    Risk Assessment Facilitation of public safety and security at Queensland stadiums
  • Queensland Treasury Corporation
    Security Audit and Risk Assessment
  • Redland City Council
    Security Risk Assessment
  • Village Roadshow Theme Parks
    Security Audit