QRMC has been delivering services as a Business Continuity Management Consultant since 1998.

The wide range of Business Continuity Management projects we have successfully delivered can be reviewed on our Projects pages. Our clients (many of whom are repeat clients and referrals) include public sector, private sector, small and large businesses, and not-for-profits.

QRMC works in compliance with the relevant standards to deliver our Business Continuity Management services. These include:

  • ISO 22301:2012 Societal security – Business continuity management systems
  • AS/NZS 5050:2010 Business continuity – Managing disruption-related risk
  • HB 292:2006 A practitioners guide to business continuity management

As a BCM consultant, we develop and deliver services tailored specifically to your organisation’s needs, not “off the shelf” products, so that you can be confident that the objectives of your Business Continuity Management project will be achieved.

The range of Business Continuity Management Consultancy services we deliver include:

Independent, cost­‐effective services.
Tailored to suit the requirements of individual clients.
Help to achieve your organisation’s business objectives and compliance requirements.
  • Experienced Consultants
  • Professional approach
  • Extensive work portfolio
  • Contemporary practices
  • Tips & guidance
  • Quality controlled services

Business Continuity Management options

As experienced BCM consultants, QRMC can provide the entire suite of services for the development of a Business Continuity Management program for your organisation. This typically includes:

  • Review of existing documentation and other related systems to identify content gaps, areas of good practice, and systems with which the BCM program will need to integrate
  • Development of a Business Continuity Management Framework to document the objectives, structure and interrelationships of the BCM program
  • Facilitation of a Business Impact Analysis workshop with key stakeholders, to identify key processes and critical functions, evaluate risk and vulnerability exposures, and identify assets/resources/personnel that are critical to the ongoing achievement of the critical functions
  • Formulation of the Business Continuity Plan structure and development of the plan in line with the organisation’s information and BIA workshop outcomes
  • Development and delivery of a training program
  • Development and delivery of a testing program
  • Development of a BCM program maintenance plan

Alternatively QRMC can provide assistance with any individual step or part of the process. We have also undertaken Contingency Planning for specific threat scenarios, as part of an overarching Business Continuity Management approach.

BCM Document Review

The document review which occurs early in the development or review of a Business Continuity Management Program is important, because when developing or reviewing systems or programs, QRMC aims to minimise the administrative impact on staff of using the new documentation by integrating it with existing systems documentation and frameworks, mirroring style and keeping any existing components that work well in order to ease the implementation processes. We are very mindful of the need to minimise organisational shock and loss of staff time, whilst maximising the effectiveness of the new program and its outcomes. In a nutshell, we aim for “low trauma, high value”.

BCP Testing

In order to test the level of understanding and preparedness of new or reviewed Business Continuity Plans, a testing exercise should be conducted with a selection of key personnel from each functional area of the organisation.

QRMC develops these testing exercise based on a realistic hypothetical scenario suited to the organisation. It is designed to invoke each participating functional area’s operational context. The QRMC facilitator directs the group through the evolving hypothetical situation and elicits proposed responses and actions from the responsible staff, in order to determine if the staff have internalised the requirements of the BCP sufficiently to implement it if required.

These testing exercises provide an opportunity to validate the Business Continuity Plan’s content, to test personnel’s ability to use the Plan, and to improve the quality and ongoing relevance of the Plan.

Business Continuity Management capacity building

QRMC develops and delivers training courses in the in-house development and implementation of Business Continuity Plans as a part of organisational capacity building.

Getting up to date

QRMC assists organisations to become compliant with the international standard ISO22301 (released in May 2012) by reviewing and updating existing Business Continuity Plans and recommending amendments to bring the documentation into alignment with best practice.



“As a consulting company QRMC are a class act in the WHS and Risk specialty fields. I feel qualified to say this from my 15 years on the front line and in management with Safety and Risk for Queensland Rail. I have enjoyed working with QRMC’s Consultants always knowing that trust is well placed in their experienced hands as they deliver up to the minute practical solutions in a timely manner with high integrity. The breadth of their experience means the client benefits from their knowledge of a range of effective options for best fit with the business and the business situation.
The Safety Networking Group facilitated by QRMC provides a networking platform for their clients, Regulators and Safety Professionals to share views and be briefed on the latest developments in the field. At these events to simply observe the regard that diverse clients from private industry and Government departments hold for the QRMC team speaks volumes. At a level of empowerment the benefit to industry provided by the SNG over time has been invaluable.”
Lindsay Shorley
Health, Safety and Risk Professional


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