Our Mission

To provide professional services in the areas of Risk Management, Business Continuity Planning and Integrated Management Systems (Quality, Safety and Environmental), which will add value to our clients’ business and achieve a high level of client satisfaction. QRMC’s mission is to leave your organisation in a “better state” than how we found it.

Our Values

Our organisation survives on the professionalism, dedication and abilities of our staff who work in a range of market sectors and with a wide range of clients.  Our works involve us having access to sensitive, confidential information and being involved in strategic planning decisions.

QRMC holds the following values as central to the way in which we do business:

  1. Ethical conduct – maintaining confidentiality, providing value for money, complying with relevant legislative requirements, complying with principles of probity and good governance
  2. Trust – we focus on being honest, open and fair in all dealings, and honouring the agreements we make with our clients
  3. Professional standards – provision of experienced staff who will produce a high standard of service, advice and deliverables to achieve high levels of client satisfaction
  4. Responsiveness – a commitment to meet clients’ requirements and needs.