QRMC recognises that quality and completion on time within and budget are key indicators of our performance. “Getting it right first time” enhances our reputation with our clients and increases our competitiveness.

The staff of QRMC is committed to quality in all aspects of our work. As we have been providing a select range of services for over a decade, we have gained a unique skill and expertise in what we do. We are committed to constantly seek innovative and more effective ways to do things.

Our Quality Management System (QMS), developed to ISO 9001, is designed by us to help us meet the needs of our clients and to ensure that quality is consistently achieved throughout all processes. It is built on the following principles and objectives:

  • understanding and conforming to the agreed requirements of our customers;
  • always delivering the right result first time, on time;
  • continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system;
  • ensuring that all our employees understand the quality management system through appropriate and effective training; and
  • gaining commitment from all of our personnel to the process of quality improvement.

QRMC’s Quality Policy can be viewed on our Publications page.

Staff and customers are encouraged to offer suggestions about how the quality management system can be improved. Such suggestions are assessed by company management and implemented as appropriate during the QMS review process. Suggestions, concerns or complaints should be forwarded to the Business Manager for prompt action and response.